About us

Our Story

Koza’s vision is to peak your curiosity through the sense of smell. The fragrances infused in our products are individually inspired by unique countries. We source various oils from these different countries and infuse them into our products and deliver them right to you. 

We’ve established our brand in Houston, Texas. A city that embodies the hustle mentality and thats exactly how we deliver our products. Koza has built a community with different businesses throughout the city and we want to keep spreading. Having our community in mind, we do what we can to contribute to the Houston hustle. With our clean ingredients and unique scents, our products each carry a different story that will ensure you stay fresh.

The traveling goat. Our brand is inspired by the quick movements and different fragrances found through travel. Every country has a unique herb with a fragrance indigenous to the region and essential to the customs. We try and capture a piece of that and deliver it in our products. Koza’s motto is to Grow Out And Thrive. To grow through travel and thrive through your daily movements. 

As we continue to grow, we hope to continue providing you with a variety of clean ingredient products that fit into your active lifestyle. Whether you are traveling the world or just commuting to work, we want our products and fragrances to keep you feeling fresh and give you that extra confidence you need in your daily routine. By creating an innovative on-the-go inspired product line, we encourage you to grow out and thrive.

Grow Out And Thrive